Case Study: VividJoan Games

About VividJoan Games

VividJoanGames is an app publisher that specializes in casual gaming. Games like Bingo World, Bingo Wild, Solitaire TriPeaks Happy Land, and more have earned VividJoan a spot on the top five casual games earnings list in several developed countries, as well as the title “Most professional team for Bingo games” in Asia.

About Meetsocial

Meetsocial is a leading digital marketing agency. For 10 years, Meetsocial has provided highly trusted global media services to expert teams across three core industries. The digital technology expert provides diversified services spanning the entire customer journey, including bespoke brand-building solutions for the Chinese market.

The Challenge

Acquiring profitable users is VividJoan’s top priority. However, data privacy changes brought about by iOS 14.5+ created new hurdles in measuring effective, targeted iOS campaigns. The 24-hour conversion value window, decreased access to data, and reduced visibility into the full user journey created significant challenges for the marketing team. VividJoan needed to overcome these new restrictions to be able to sustainably optimize campaigns.

Limited to only 64 conversion values to generate data, the team needed to improve upon the limited insight into user behavior they were obtaining from sparse media platform reports.

Bo Wu

Director of Paid Campaigns, VividJoanGames

VividJoan also works with an increasing number of media platforms. This leads to more time and effort on data management. Thus, they needed a platform which provides cross-channel, real-time data reporting, as well as more flexible and customized solutions.

The Solution

Adjust’s tailor-made conversion value mapping and comprehensive data analysis solutions were exactly what VividJoan needed. Together with Meetsocial, VividJoan used the Adjust Conversion Value Manager to align performance tracking to their business needs.

To reconfigure VividJoan’s conversion value mapping, the Adjust team provided detailed guidance on the tool’s settings, as well as recommendations for solutions that would be most suited to the team’s needs. Once campaigns were up and running, Adjust helped the team to continuously optimize ad spend.

With Adjust’s solutions, VividJoan was able to collect large amounts of valuable data, which they analyzed with Datascape. Datascape aggregates campaign performance data – both in visualizations of overviews and reports with granular breakdowns – in the same dashboard. Data is brought together from channel APIs, attribution, App Tracking Transparency (ATT) opted-in user data, and SKAdNetwork (SKAN) campaigns in one place. To save time when filtering data, Datascape pre-sets KPIs that are most relevant to VividJoan.

Displaying data visually makes it easier and faster for marketers to draw insights from data and build better strategies. VividJoan used Datascape to form a comprehensive understanding of which key behaviors are indicative of paying users. This allowed the gaming publisher to create an effective strategy for quality user acquisition (UA).

The Results

With their new optimization strategy, VividJoan can generate multi-faceted and visual reports, effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of data analysis, and extensively optimize marketing strategies.

With the help of Adjust, VividJoan was able to:
  • Increase overall campaign return on investment (ROI) by 32%
  • Increase ROI of Bingo Wild by 32%
  • Reduce decision making time by 30%
  • Improve return on ad spend (ROAS) by 15%

Bo Wu

Director of Paid Campaigns, VividJoan