Case Study: 1K Kirana

About 1K Kirana

1K Kirana is a local grocery chain that aims to create exceptional micro-experiences for consumers. Founded in 2018, 1K Kirana’s goal is to provide a seamless flow of goods from brands to consumers and overcome the shortcomings of traditional distribution systems with the help of its in-house technology-enabled platforms and smart warehousing. 1K Kirana works directly with its Kirana partners through a community-led approach.

Fuelled by the ambition of building the first omnichannel distribution network across Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and towns in India, 1K Kirana is blazing the path to modernized Kirana (convenience grocery) stores.

The Challenge

With the increasing penetration of big players in the grocery app market, the Kirana ecosystem is facing tough competition. 1K Kirana knew it needed to understand its users and their complete journey in order to obtain an advantage over competitors.

While the team were really active in terms of user acquisition (UA), the number of acquired users was the only success metric used to measure campaigns. 1K Kirana needed user-level data to understand its customers at a granular level to gain rich insight into the user journey. This would uncover which segment would bring in more revenue, in turn allowing for optimized targeting and lower customer acquisition cost (CAC).

They also needed to be able to map the complete view of online to offline touchpoints, which they found nearly impossible without the right attribution tool.

Ankush Mangat

Manager - Digital Brand & Marketing, 1K Kirana

The Solution

Adjust’s Datascape allowed 1K Kirana to obtain user-level data that the team could use to amplify user journeys and increase the app’s signup to transaction rate. Reliable attribution allowed 1K Kirana to experiment with advertising campaigns across a wide range of audiences and undertake in-depth analysis to determine their true impact.

Originally, the company had focused on measuring installs and sign-ups. Now, the first transaction and customer retention are their primary KPIs. With Adjust’s raw reports, 1K Kirana now has a full view from first engagement through first transaction.

They can assess the CAC of each consumer and attribute it to their source. This helps to explore channels where marketing campaigns perform most efficiently. 1K Kirana also uses Adjust data to set milestones in the user journey to nudge users with the right communication at the right time through this data. If retention is high, they know to reduce the payback period for a more stable business with long-term viability.

Ankush Mangat

Manager, Digital Brand & Marketing, 1K Kirana

1K Kirana has also been able to put data to use in gaining the trust of partners. Used to traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is typically new to Kiranas in these areas and is not trusted to make an equal impact. Once shown granular-level attribution data for each consumer tied to the store, the impact of digital marketing is made clear and Kirana trust is gained.

The Results

With the help of Adjust, 1K Kirana was able to:
  • Increase event “sign-up to order” rate by 6%
  • Reduce cost per first transaction (CPFT) by 23%
  • Improve return on ad spend (ROAS) by 21%